New Species

New Species

Dr Tafe Safaris NEW SPECIES

During the years Dr Tafe has done some amazing scientific research, discovering 14 new species within the Moreton Bay area with Dr Greenwood.

New Species Names – Cumacea
1. Schizotrema nudum Tafe & Greenwood 8. Cyclaspis agrenosculpta Tafe & Greenwood
2. Bodotria armata Tafe & Greenwood 9. Cyclaspis daviei Tafe & Greenwood
3. Cyclaspis cooki Tafe & Greenwood 10. Cyclaspis sallai Tafe & Greenwood
4. Cyclaspis ornosculpta Tafe & Greenwood 11. Cyclaspis tranteri Tafe & Greenwood
5. Cyclaspis andersoni Tafe & Greenwood 12. Leptocuma kennedyi Tafe & Greenwood
6. Cyclaspis alveosculpta Tafe & Greenwood 13. Leptocuma barbarae Tafe & Greenwood
7. Cyclaspis chaunosculpta Tafe & Greenwood 14. Picrocuma crudgingtoni Tafe & Greenwood


D. J. TAFE & J. G. GREENWOOD1996:07:20:
A new species of Schizotrema (Cumacea: Nannastacidae) from Moreton Bay, Queensland. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 39(2): 381-389. Brisbane ISSN 0079-8835.

Schizotrema nudum


Excerpt from “Memoirs Of Queensland Museum”

Cyclaspis agrenosculpta
Cyclaspis tranteri


In the News

Aerial Maps of Moreton Bay

Satellite photograph of Moreton Bay showing
Dr Tafe’s sampling locations (map supplied
courtesy Ross Quinn through Sunmap, Canberra)
Aerial view of two sampling sites in
Moreton Bay where new species of cumaceans
(Crustacea) were discovered by Dr Tafe.
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