I have attended several ecology studies with Dr Tafe Safaris and have always found the staff very professional, courteous and highly organised.  They have provided meals, equipment and excellent teaching assistance for the students.  Safety concerns are always paramount. Thankyou Dennis and Leah for providing consistent high quality service to our students and staff.

Chris Watt

Adventure Trip - Fraser Island

We are living in the USA and heard about the beauty of Fraser Island, the biggest sand island in the Southern Hemisphere. We also heard that Dr Tafe is an experienced marine biologist and he is running safaris to Fraser Island and also to North Stradbroke Island closer to Brisbane.  We checked his website at http://www.drtafesafaris.com/ and booked for a 4-day 4WD tour of Fraser Island.  Together we drove up to Tin Can Bay and then took the vehicular ferry across to the southern end of the island.  It was amazing.  We drove along many kilometres of beautiful ocean beach and spent our first night at Central Station in a rain forest area. Then we swam in the crystal clear waters of Lake McKenzie and kayaked in a double kayak with life jackets. We headed north to Eli Creek and then along 30kms of beach to the Maheno Wreck, the Coloured Sands and Indian Head, which is renowned for fishing.  Along the way we saw swarms of Blue Bottles washed up onto the beach and Dr Tafe was able to explain why there were so many at this time.  He had all the first aid gear in case we got stung. We ventured onto Champagne Pools, Blue Lake and the Light House at the northern tip.  This was a real 4-day adventure and because Dr Tafe is an experienced 4WD driver we never became bogged in soft sand. I can recommend the trip, whether you go for 3 or 4 days.
Barry and Family.


 My sister and I accompanied Dr Tafe on one of his "Nature Lover" trips to North Stradbroke Island.  He picked us up in a mini-bus, along with a number of people of all different ages.  After a really scenic trip across in the ferry we drove in the mini-bus to Point Lookout and enjoyed the half hour Gorge Walk.  We were surprised to see some full grown Eastern Grey Kangaroos on the walk plus a young green turtle in the waters of the gorge.  At one point we looked out to sea from one of the vantage points and saw a pod of about 20 Indo Pacific Dolphins riding the waves.  We then drove to Brown Lake, where we had a BBQ lunch and observed a couple of 1.5 m goannas.  After lunch we had fun doing a freshwater study in the natural habitat, using scientific equipment to measure salinity, temperature and Ph of the water. Before heading back to the mainland on the ferry we checked out the mangrove area at Myora Springs and measured salinity once again.   It was an enjoyable day for all of us. 
Renee and Rhiannon 


I have had Dr Tafe for tutoring in senior maths for almost 3 years and now I'm in Year 12.  I go to a very good private college but sometimes the teacher is so busy with the other students that she cannot answer all my questions.  I like to have someone who can explain the methods and techniques so that I can come up with the correct answers without struggling.  Dr Tafe is able to put maths into simple terms and he explains every step without jumping steps.  This is what I need and while my maths ability is fairly good it is difficult to get individual help from the teacher because she has so many other students.  I think that with the help of my tutor I will come up with good grades in year 12 and be ready for tertiary studies.  


I was really worried doing senior maths because I had failed one maths exam already and was in danger of having to repeat the subject.   I found Dr Tafe's Maths and Science Tutoring through an advert in the local paper and called him on 3207 8327.  The first tutoring session was really good because he was able to explain complicated maths in a way that was easy to understand.  I then took a block of four 1-hour tutorials and revised everything we did afterwards.  I passed maths completely so I don't have to repeat it, which is great.  The teacher had missed steps and Dr Tafe was able to fill in the gaps. 


Thank you for all your help this term. I really appreciate the help and work  :) 
Katherine  21/06/14


I was lucky to find Dr Tafe's Tutoring just two weeks before my first term maths and science exams in year 12.  He helped me with senior maths and later with senior chemistry.  I managed to pass all my exams with good grades and some of the exam questions were almost identical to the ones we did together.  He teaches a 5-step method in maths, which makes it easy to do maths problems.  I found that chemistry was almost like doing a new language so I needed a tutor to explain what the teachers at school just expect you to know.  It makes it much easier. 


I was really panicking because the due date for my Job Application was only  three days away and I didn't even have a professional looking resume.  I contacted Dr Tafe on 1300 99 49 75 and within three days I had a professional looking resume free of spelling and grammatical errors, a 1-page cover letter and a 3-page job application with all criteria fully addressed. I saved some money by having a go at the selection criteria myself and Dr Tafe's team made sure it was error free.  What a relief.  I am hoping to score an interview.  Alexandra